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Making Friends With Myself

After almost a month’s hiatus, I returned to my yoga class this weekend. As I spread into my favourite warrior pose, I had a resounding feeling of coming home. My mind and spirit filled into the dusty, forgotten physical nooks … Continue reading

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Yoga as Healing

After my yoga class, I went to talk to my teacher. “Tell me about breathing,” I said. He calmly turned to me, his eyes gazing steadily into mine. “Breathing is as important as movement. It is part of the flow,” … Continue reading

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A reflection about this blog

A few months ago, I committed to myself that I would write at least one post every week for my blog community. After all, we had found each other, spread out geographically, across all differences on the basis of a … Continue reading

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My experiences with Vipassana meditation: Mindful eating

Recently, I went on a 10-day meditation retreat to learn Vipassana meditation. Vipassana means insight and the whole ten days were spent in silence, with no distractions of phones, reading, writing or conversations. No exchanges with the external world, not … Continue reading

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How To Eat

This topic is absurd. Such are the days. Eating used to be easy. I didn’t think about eating except when I was hungry. I knew what to eat. I ate till I was full and then stopped. That’s it. And … Continue reading

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Fitness: It’s not about motivation.

It’s June, the middle point of the year. 6 months have passed since we rang in the new year, full of energy, hope and optimism. This year, we promised ourselves, is going to be The Year Of A Better Me. … Continue reading

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Always a Beginner – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding myself as a beginner in my fitness regimen (“Always A Beginner” blogpost). After a long gap, where I was not able to exercise with any regularity, I started again and discovered my … Continue reading

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