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Always a Beginner

Beginnings are good. The hark the dawn of a new era, whether it’s the era of newfound knowledge when we start a book, or the era of a new look, when we get a haircut. Some beginnings are seemingly trivial, … Continue reading

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Om, before and after

Om is a remarkable word, sound, utterance. It is a mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, resonating for thousands of years across the universe. There is something powerful in the single syllable, in the vibrations it triggers. Without fail, the … Continue reading

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Why don’t I do more yoga?

The single thing that I crave the most is connection. Or rather, connectedness. To people, to my surroundings, to my true self. It gives me the deepest sense of being, truly being, to feel that I am linked to others, … Continue reading

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Forget the fitness gadgets, what you need is already in your kitchen

I have a monthly calendar, which hangs in my kitchen, next to my fridge. It’s one of those common calendars that hang in any Indian households, called Kalnirnay. I look at it 8-10 times a day, from the morning, when … Continue reading

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Imperfect fitness sessions

There are good days, and there are, well, not-so-good days. The important thing is to show up. This is true for life, and it’s true for fitness. (It’s actually the banal things in life that often prove more challenging to … Continue reading

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A thousand tiny choices

Grit. The best four-letter word. Grit is mental toughness, it is what makes success. It’s not talent – not your naturally endowed intelligence nor or an innate physical strength – that decides if you will rise to the top. Instead, … Continue reading

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