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On Unpleasant Things And What They Teach Us

The yellowed, dying leaf drifted slowly towards the ground. Its green brothers, luminous and firm, watched silently. In the next instant, the wind moved playfully through them, as if the yellow leaf had never existed. I took a sip of … Continue reading

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The Human-ness of a Real Conversation

There is nothing more soul-fulfilling than a friend. I met a dear friend for an evening out recently. He and I have been in touch over digital airwaves, yet the inadequacy of social media technology was fully exposed within the … Continue reading

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Toilets in India: Now A Seat of Respect

“Hey, what’s that?” I asked, rubber necking as our taxi sped down the road. I had seen a row of portable toilets with a big, bold sign on each door. “Did that say┬áIzzat Ghar?” My companion shrugged blankly. “Izzat Ghar … Continue reading

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Pitru Paksha: A New Take On An Old Custom

These days, it’s the season to remember our family elders who have passed on. Among Hindus, it’s called “Pitru Paksha”. Over 16 days, we pay homage to our ancestors by offering food to them. I read a story where a … Continue reading

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