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Always a Beginner

Beginnings are good. The hark the dawn of a new era, whether it’s the era of newfound knowledge when we start a book, or the era of a new look, when we get a haircut. Some beginnings are seemingly trivial, … Continue reading

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What is normal in 2018?

“It’s cold!” I said to the hotel doorman. “Yes, it is,” he replied, in amiable agreement. “Is this normal?” He scoffed slightly, not unkindly, and said, “what is normal in 2018?” He gave me a knowing look, and we were … Continue reading

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Om, before and after

Om is a remarkable word, sound, utterance. It is a mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, resonating for thousands of years across the universe. There is something powerful in the single syllable, in the vibrations it triggers. Without fail, the … Continue reading

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