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Cling To Your Routine During Times Of Change

Ever have a period when non-stop change is getting thrown at you? Nothing will hold still, it seems, everything is in a tearing hurry to take a new and unfamiliar shape, like runny custard mix that wants to mould to … Continue reading

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Dealing With Life’s Ups and Downs

How well do you deal with life’s ups and downs? If you’re anything like me (and you’re honest about it), the probable answer is, not very well. When unexpected and undesired things happen, the inevitable first reaction is, “No! I … Continue reading

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Receiving is as important as giving

Giving is a good thing. These days, the world feels like it is getting more and more mean-spirited and selfish, so in such a hostile setting it is a soothing balm to find people who are thinking about others and … Continue reading

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Life is not a straight line

Life is not a straight line. It’s a meandering stream, Spilling down a mountain with no regard for direction or destiny, Gurgling its way this way and that way and back to this way only to go that way. Life … Continue reading

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