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The Human-ness of a Real Conversation

There is nothing more soul-fulfilling than a friend. I met a dear friend for an evening out recently. He and I have been in touch over digital airwaves, yet the inadequacy of social media technology was fully exposed within the … Continue reading

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How to do compassion

“Dad, could you turn a light on?” she asked. “Monsters?” “Yes.” “Ok.” “Still scared?” she whispered. “No, thank you,” the monster said. credits: A Small Fiction (Twitter handle: @ASmallFiction)  

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People that know the ‘old’ you

I spent this weekend with people that have known me from 30 years and earlier, if not more. My maternal aunt, who has known me since I was born, and took care of me every summer (I have written about … Continue reading

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Big-hearted bullies

I pulled out of the building premises, waiting for a gap to merge into traffic. The road was packed, like a can of sardines. Cars, motorbikes and taxis were at a standstill. In front of me stood a big red … Continue reading

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Who’s the beggar, really?

The old man showed up one day on my street, out of the blue. Hunched, a wispy beard reaching down his chin, he carefully laid out his wares on the footpath. A few bottles, a big box, a smaller box, … Continue reading

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Perfection of the present moment

It’s Sunday, usually a low-key day for me because I can’t muster the emotional stamina to face Mumbai’s traffic. So, I’m mostly at home, wandering around the spaces in my memories – the long-vacated classrooms, childhood parks, cross-country drives, dark, … Continue reading

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When we had to suffer the summer heat

The fan whirs above my head, insistent that it can dissipate the suffocating, tropical summer air. The blades rush after each other in the same circular trajectory. They are desperate to catch a random breeze that has accidentally flowed in … Continue reading

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