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I'm Indian and Canadian, and many other countries in between. I read comics every morning and believe the world could do with slowing down.

Toilets in India: Now A Seat of Respect

“Hey, what’s that?” I asked, rubber necking as our taxi sped down the road. I had seen a row of portable toilets with a big, bold sign on each door. “Did that say Izzat Ghar?” My companion shrugged blankly. “Izzat Ghar … Continue reading

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Pitru Paksha: A New Take On An Old Custom

These days, it’s the season to remember our family elders who have passed on. Among Hindus, it’s called “Pitru Paksha”. Over 16 days, we pay homage to our ancestors by offering food to them. I read a story where a … Continue reading

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Stillness in Kyoto

The ultimate zen aspiration is stillness. This appeals to me. When I am still, I see things as they are. When I am churned, everything is confused. In such a state, how is it possible to take the right action? … Continue reading

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This morning, I saw two crows sit in companionable silence on the mango tree across the yard. If you know anything about crows, you’ll immediately wonder what I’m talking about. Crows, as a rule, don’t seem to know about silence. … Continue reading

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Marathwada Diaries: When Goddesses Come Home

Hindu mythic folklore is rich and colourful, creating whole worlds in which the divine interacts with the human. This time of year is particularly full of this interplay, merging the two and creating an elevated sense of companionship and closeness … Continue reading

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Yoga as Healing

After my yoga class, I went to talk to my teacher. “Tell me about breathing,” I said. He calmly turned to me, his eyes gazing steadily into mine. “Breathing is as important as movement. It is part of the flow,” … Continue reading

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Ganpati Visits Us

It’s my favourite time in Mumbai: Ganpati, or Ganesha, is visiting! I wrote about this festival before, describing what the experience when Ganpati arrives in Mumbai. Clearly, I love this time of year. For the next 10 days, Maharashtrians everywhere have … Continue reading

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