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Reality, through a pinhole

That’s what my zen meditation teacher, Reverend Takafumi Kawakami, said today. “We think we know reality, but the fact is, we know our reality, which is very limited. We think we are seeing everything, but our view is all that … Continue reading

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Grace in a breakfast

In the ryokan (traditional Kyoto inn) where I’m staying, grace comes through even in breakfast. Consider the kind of breakfast you have typically when traveling. There is a large and noisy dining hall, usually the hotel cafe, with an array … Continue reading

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Kyoto: a balm for the world

Why has no one ever told me about Kyoto? If I had to be reborn, I would ask for it to be here, a million times over. Kyoto is serenity. (Run, don’t walk, here if you’re craving some calm.) The … Continue reading

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The boring delight of discipline

Yesterday, I wrote about how the secret sauce to success is discipline, not motivation. It’s a surprising insight. After all, we’re schooled to believe that you have to have a crazed fit of inspiration to achieve outstanding, jaw-dropping outcomes. This … Continue reading

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Discipline, not motivation

On my Instagram feed, I follow Kayla Itsines, an HIIT fitness guru from Adelaide, Australia. She’s incredible in many ways – she’s in her 20s and already has a global cult following. Women across all ages do her fitness regimen … Continue reading

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Books, my comfort food

What’s your comfort food? I use that term loosely to mean whatever you go to for comfort. For me, it’s books. When the outside world feels unclear and incomprehensible, I retreat to an inner world written on defined pages, within … Continue reading

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Thank you, Starbucks

“Ni hao!”┬áThe barista called out, as I stepped into a Starbucks cafe in downtown Shanghai. “Ni hao!” He said again. I looked up and realised he was talking to me. A 20-something chap with a cherubic face and trendy eyeglasses … Continue reading

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