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The Space Between

What do you do when you are between things? When you are waiting for the elevator, do you fiddle with your phone? When sitting in traffic, do you keep changing radio stations until the traffic signal turns green? Or, when … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing

“See things as they are, and all your suffering will end.” So says the Buddha. This same message is given by Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, and the Bhagavad Gita. My favourite American Zen Buddhist nun, Charlotte Joko-Beck, says it too. I … Continue reading

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My experiences with Vipassana meditation: Mindful eating

Recently, I went on a 10-day meditation retreat to learn Vipassana meditation. Vipassana means insight and the whole ten days were spent in silence, with no distractions of phones, reading, writing or conversations. No exchanges with the external world, not … Continue reading

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Do nothing

Do nothing: the two most pleasing words on some days. On a regular basis, I love giving myself the permission to not act, to not react, to not do. I give myself space, lots and lots of empty space. There … Continue reading

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Om, before and after

Om is a remarkable word, sound, utterance. It is a mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, resonating for thousands of years across the universe. There is something powerful in the single syllable, in the vibrations it triggers. Without fail, the … Continue reading

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Reality, through a pinhole

That’s what my zen meditation teacher, Reverend Takafumi Kawakami, said today. “We think we know reality, but the fact is, we know our reality, which is very limited. We think we are seeing everything, but our view is all that … Continue reading

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The struggle with mindfulness

Hold the experience, I’m told. Stay with it, be in it. I take my agitation in a fierce gaze, in a bid to stare it down. Don’t react. I squeeze my eyes shut tightly. If I don’t see it, I … Continue reading

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