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It’s A Too-Hot Summer Already

It’s too hot, all of a sudden. Blasts from a furnace hit my face. I look up, scowling at the overheated sun. Why the wrath, I ask it? As if in response, a wave of steaming rays hits me. I … Continue reading

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The White Topi

The bicycle rode by, a middle-aged man astride. Or maybe he was slightly older than middle-aged. I couldn’t tell you because I was more focused on the white topi (cap) atop his head. Everything about him was as ordinary as … Continue reading

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Mind The (Friendly) Gap

A few months ago, I found myself in the middle of a busy gathering. People from all walks of life were congregated into one spot and there was a frenzied buzz in the air. Conversations jostled for space, topics spilled … Continue reading

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Unexpected Civility

It was the evening rush hour, and the roads were choked. Tiny cars squeezed between larger sedans, creating new lanes where none existed. Motorbikes waited hungrily for the traffic signal to turn, ready to pounce on the first opening to … Continue reading

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I Have Fat Thighs

I have fat thighs. If you could see my thighs, you’d see they are round like coconuts when they should be straight like cucumbers. I press them down but they bounce right back. Stupid, stubborn thighs. Everyone looks at my … Continue reading

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