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The Need for New Milestones

1 January is called New Year’s Day, heralding the start of a fresh calendar year. Traditionally, it’s also the time when we commit, or re-commit, to new beginnings. If there are life changes we want to make, we tend to … Continue reading

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Transform yourself, one written commitment at a time

About a year or so ago, I made a commitment to myself that I will write at least once a week in my blog. It came out of a realisation that, as much as I love keeping a blog, I … Continue reading

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Fitness: It’s not about motivation.

It’s June, the middle point of the year. 6 months have passed since we rang in the new year, full of energy, hope and optimism. This year, we promised ourselves, is going to be The Year Of A Better Me. … Continue reading

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People that know the ‘old’ you

I spent this weekend with people that have known me from 30 years and earlier, if not more. My maternal aunt, who has known me since I was born, and took care of me every summer (I have written about … Continue reading

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Books, my comfort food

What’s your comfort food? I use that term loosely to mean whatever you go to for comfort. For me, it’s books. When the outside world feels unclear and incomprehensible, I retreat to an inner world written on defined pages, within … Continue reading

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Hello, world, says Aurangabad’s first international film festival

Witnessing a birth is always inspiring. Yesterday, the Aurangabad International Film Festival was launched, ready to showcase 16 films from across the globe over four days. I was at the festival’s inauguration, and saw its proud parents eagerly showing off … Continue reading

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