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Sitting with restlessness

We all know restlessness, that feeling of unease. It sneaks up on you like a thief in the night and before you know it, has permeated everywhere. One moment you are cheerful, flowing with life. The next moment, that harmonious … Continue reading

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Kyoto: a balm for the world

Why has no one ever told me about Kyoto? If I had to be reborn, I would ask for it to be here, a million times over. Kyoto is serenity. (Run, don’t walk, here if you’re craving some calm.) The … Continue reading

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The struggle with mindfulness

Hold the experience, I’m told. Stay with it, be in it. I take my agitation in a fierce gaze, in a bid to stare it down. Don’t react. I squeeze my eyes shut tightly. If I don’t see it, I … Continue reading

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Accidental mindfulness

I was at a workshop recently, for which i was quite excited. I’d get to meet new peers from other companies and industries who shared a love for telling stories. I was looking forward to swapping ideas, asking questions, voicing … Continue reading

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The Mindful Buddhist

Be mindful. To live happily, this is the advice given by Buddhist masters. It sounds simple enough, but what exactly does it mean? For three days in early June, I saw it in action, right in front of me. Mindfulness … Continue reading

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Hanging out with HH the Dalai Lama

One day last week, I hung out with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. That’s what it felt like. Low-key, informal, friendly. He is a greatly esteemed spiritual leader, and the respect and feeling for him was apparent from all around … Continue reading

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The simple joys of life: cool water from clay pots

It’s summertime, and the intense brightness and heat of the tropical sun is getting unbearable. Waves of heat rise up everywhere, met by scorching, fiery rays beating down from the cloudless sky. I’m glad to be inside, and even more … Continue reading

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