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The shape of pain

Common Zen wisdom says to observe everything and stay in the present moment. This is where joy is. Observing everything means even the nasty parts, like pain. Have you ever explored what pain feels like? For me, I’ll readily admit … Continue reading

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The homegrown mango

“So-and-so kaku sent you some mangoes from her family farm in Kaij,” my mum announced, handing over a handful to me. I beamed in delight. I looked down lovingly at the three or four golden orbs cradled in my arms. … Continue reading

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Learning acceptance from a mangy dog

The skinny dog limped onto the road. Her ribs stuck out, a thin fur hanging unevenly over them. There was no one on the road at this time of the day; every sane soul was taking shelter from the sharp … Continue reading

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Summer Dusk

When was the last time you sat still and let the sinking, evening sun kiss your cheek goodbye? I mean, simply sat, doing nothing, unmoving, so that the fleeting rays could sneak one last peck before the night arrived? It … Continue reading

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