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Why don’t we share anymore?

A butterfly greedily sucks nectar from bright, pink flowers on a shrub in front of me. First one, then another, then yet another. For their part, the flowers are in full bloom and wait patiently for their turn. Why do … Continue reading

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How to survive chaos

The world is seething these days, tumbling in all directions in a hot, angry spill. I wonder how to cope some days. I scroll over a few news nuggets and am sickened in my stomach. And then I chance upon … Continue reading

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It’s a wonderful world

A few days ago, I wrote a little piece on Kerala and how it feels like I am walking in God’s own country (which is their state tag line, so apt). It got the most likes of any of my … Continue reading

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Ode to Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country. That’s what the state billed as its tagline when it launched the Kerala tourism campaign many, many years ago. A better description of oneself I have yet to see. Come to Kerala, any part of the … Continue reading

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