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Antidote to an off-day

Some days are just meant for saying “Thanks, Day,” and getting into bed. Once there, pick up a favourite book and read it again because it will take you down the same memory lane as the last time you read … Continue reading

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When a song made me a kid again

This morning, I was exploring Indian classical music on YouTube, and stumbled on Bhimsen Joshi’s Majhe maher pandhari. It’s one of his famous devotional songs, though I’m not personally familiar with it. As I listened to the circular rhythm of … Continue reading

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Perfection of the present moment

It’s Sunday, usually a low-key day for me because I can’t muster the emotional stamina to face Mumbai’s traffic. So, I’m mostly at home, wandering around the spaces in my memories – the long-vacated classrooms, childhood parks, cross-country drives, dark, … Continue reading

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Humble spinach curry

I tore a piece of chapati and dipped it into my bowl of spinach curry. The curry was unassuming, nothing to look at. Not like those thick, rich punjabi gravies that lustily titillate one’s senses and cause desires to ooze … Continue reading

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The villager in the town

The fuschia pink turban sat loud and dignified, atop the elderly farmer’s head. I stepped out of the grocer’s brightly lit store, stocked with newfangled products, after exchanging a few words in Hindi with the proprietor while his wife mumbled … Continue reading

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