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Homage to a gentle soul

This blog is about life, in big and small ways. An undeniable part of life is when we lose our loved ones. Instead of looking at it as a loss, however, perhaps it is the way to remember them forever. … Continue reading

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Are we different or similar?

Are we different or similar? These days, it feels like everyone wants to highlight our differences: you are not the same colour as me, you are not the same caste as me, you are not the same class as me. … Continue reading

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Fitness: It’s not about motivation.

It’s June, the middle point of the year. 6 months have passed since we rang in the new year, full of energy, hope and optimism. This year, we promised ourselves, is going to be The Year Of A Better Me. … Continue reading

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Do nothing

Do nothing: the two most pleasing words on some days. On a regular basis, I love giving myself the permission to not act, to not react, to not do. I give myself space, lots and lots of empty space. There … Continue reading

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