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The Space Between

What do you do when you are between things? When you are waiting for the elevator, do you fiddle with your phone? When sitting in traffic, do you keep changing radio stations until the traffic signal turns green? Or, when … Continue reading

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Yoga as Healing

After my yoga class, I went to talk to my teacher. “Tell me about breathing,” I said. He calmly turned to me, his eyes gazing steadily into mine. “Breathing is as important as movement. It is part of the flow,” … Continue reading

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How To Calm Down

We all have those moments when we blow our top. When a rogue auto rickshaw barrels into us at a suicidal speed for the umpteenth time. When people brusquely cut in front of us even as we wait obediently for … Continue reading

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Why don’t I do more yoga?

The single thing that I crave the most is connection. Or rather, connectedness. To people, to my surroundings, to my true self. It gives me the deepest sense of being, truly being, to feel that I am linked to others, … Continue reading

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