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A person out on her own must be lonely and is, therefore, to be pitied. “Table for one? This way, ma’am.” The poor thing has no one to eat lunch with. “One ticket? Oh, ok.” So sad, doesn’t she have a boyfriend … Continue reading

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Munnar’s Magical River

Across from my hotel, a small river flows by. It is a river, insists the hotel manager, although it looks more like a stream to me. I believe him and feel saddened by the visibly depleting ravages of climate change. … Continue reading

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Cling To Your Routine During Times Of Change

Ever have a period when non-stop change is getting thrown at you? Nothing will hold still, it seems, everything is in a tearing hurry to take a new and unfamiliar shape, like runny custard mix that wants to mould to … Continue reading

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The homegrown mango

“So-and-so kaku sent you some mangoes from her family farm in Kaij,” my mum announced, handing over a handful to me. I beamed in delight. I looked down lovingly at the three or four golden orbs cradled in my arms. … Continue reading

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Life Experiments: Vipassana Update

In a couple of months, it will be one year since I went on my first Vipassana meditation course. An anniversary brings a pause to things. There is an innate curiosity to step out of oneself and see how one … Continue reading

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Why Do You Get Up In The Morning?

“Why do you get up in the morning?” my friend asked. “Oh, because I want to write my book!” I exclaimed. The words fell out of my mouth like puppies tumbling out of a shoebox, messily, easily, excitedly. “I have … Continue reading

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Pitru Paksha: A New Take On An Old Custom

These days, it’s the season to remember our family elders who have passed on. Among Hindus, it’s called “Pitru Paksha”. Over 16 days, we pay homage to our ancestors by offering food to them. I read a story where a … Continue reading

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