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Giving, not gifting

These days I am reading “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki. It’s considered a classic. I can believe it, even though I’m probably understanding only a minuscule fraction of it. Still, what we understand is a good place to … Continue reading

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Fresh starts

Fresh starts. We all seek them, especially around new year’s. It’s now July, and some of us, steeling our nerves, will be revisiting those new year’s resolutions we made so fervently and passionately on 1 January. So how’re we doing … Continue reading

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Give up on weight loss

This year, I will lose weight. Definitely. This resolution, or some variation of it, is the most popular around the world every new year. It would also be a fair guess that, for many folks, it is a repeat. That … Continue reading

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Fresh starts

Growing up, whenever I returned to my hometown in India during summer vacations, my grandfather would buy me a slate and some chalk, and settle me in to study along with my cousins. I loved the feeling of a brand … Continue reading

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