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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but a new dog can teach you new ways

Sunday evening, the grocery store was crowded, as expected. I was in a tightly packed line, waiting to check out. All of a sudden, chaos erupted as a woman squealed. People pushed each other to step out of the away, … Continue reading

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The brush-off

I was walking back from Carter Road, a lively promenade that embraces the Arabian Sea, when he brushed past me, this lanky dude of maybe 20 years, earphones tightly plugged into his dark ears. I was startled, and slowed down … Continue reading

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Perfection of the present moment

It’s Sunday, usually a low-key day for me because I can’t muster the emotional stamina to face Mumbai’s traffic. So, I’m mostly at home, wandering around the spaces in my memories – the long-vacated classrooms, childhood parks, cross-country drives, dark, … Continue reading

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Sunday morning

It is not yet nine o’clock on a Sunday morning, so the little bird keeps singing. It is a complicated crowd of sounds, but the birdie belts it out effortlessly, every few seconds. Like a herald entrusted with the most … Continue reading

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