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Friendliness is everywhere

Tired from a lingering cold, I nevertheless dragged myself out for a short afternoon walk. I had been cooped up inside for too long. Winter in Mumbai is sheer pleasantness and I wanted to take advantage of the cool, sunny … Continue reading

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Walking My Blues Away

Lazily, I stretched across the bed, willing my eyes to remain shut for a little bit longer. It was another glorious Saturday morning, which meant I could sleep in as long as I wanted. I flipped over, then flopped back. … Continue reading

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Ganpati Visits Us

It’s my favourite time in Mumbai: Ganpati, or Ganesha, is visiting! I wrote about this festival before, describing what the experience when¬†Ganpati arrives in Mumbai. Clearly, I love this time of year. For the next 10 days, Maharashtrians everywhere have … Continue reading

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Horn Not OK, please!

These days, around Mumbai, I’m seeing quite a few stickers and hand-painted signs on the backs of trucks and tempos exclaiming, “Horn not OK, please!” Is Mumbai in the midst of a behaviour change experiment to kill honking? The perennial … Continue reading

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The brush-off

I was walking back from Carter Road, a lively promenade that embraces the Arabian Sea, when he brushed past me, this lanky dude of maybe 20 years, earphones tightly plugged into his dark ears. I was startled, and slowed down … Continue reading

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Where everybody knows your name

The little beauty parlour I go to looks like every other beauty parlour. You’d be forgiven if you walked past it without a second glance, so ordinary does it seem. Shonelle’s sits between a medical store and a small-time jewelry … Continue reading

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The man sat outside the train station, directly across the exit from where people poured out. It was the evening hour and beaten down office workers were retreating home. Peanut hawkers milled about, coaxing slender paper cones filled with roasted, … Continue reading

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