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This morning, I saw two crows sit in companionable silence on the mango tree across the yard. If you know anything about crows, you’ll immediately wonder what I’m talking about. Crows, as a rule, don’t seem to know about silence. … Continue reading

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How to do compassion

“Dad, could you turn a light on?” she asked. “Monsters?” “Yes.” “Ok.” “Still scared?” she whispered. “No, thank you,” the monster said. credits: A Small Fiction (Twitter handle: @ASmallFiction)  

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Are we different or similar?

Are we different or similar? These days, it feels like everyone wants to highlight our differences: you are not the same colour as me, you are not the same caste as me, you are not the same class as me. … Continue reading

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Where everybody knows your name

The little beauty parlour I go to looks like every other beauty parlour. You’d be forgiven if you walked past it without a second glance, so ordinary does it seem. Shonelle’s sits between a medical store and a small-time jewelry … Continue reading

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My Indian Valentine

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, which, in the way it is celebrated in the West, makes single people feel like they shouldn’t be taking up space on the planet, and even those in relationships cringe with the burden … Continue reading

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