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Stillness in Kyoto

The ultimate zen aspiration is stillness. This appeals to me. When I am still, I see things as they are. When I am churned, everything is confused. In such a state, how is it possible to take the right action? … Continue reading

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Do nothing

Do nothing: the two most pleasing words on some days. On a regular basis, I love giving myself the permission to not act, to not react, to not do. I give myself space, lots and lots of empty space. There … Continue reading

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Accidental mindfulness

I was at a workshop recently, for which i was quite excited. I’d get to meet new peers from other companies and industries who shared a love for telling stories. I was looking forward to swapping ideas, asking questions, voicing … Continue reading

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Being fallow in our busy times

I’ve been struggling to write lately. The ideas are just not coming, the desire to blurt has gone quiet. I tried a couple of times; the posts didn’t seem authentic. And so, there has been silence from my end. I … Continue reading

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Morning rhythms

Waking up is more than the physical act of opening one’s eyes. That gets done in an instant. However, for a couple of hours after that, I’m still waking up. There’s research that shows we actually take around three hours … Continue reading

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