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Life is not a straight line

Life is not a straight line. It’s a meandering stream, Spilling down a mountain with no regard for direction or destiny, Gurgling its way this way and that way and back to this way only to go that way. Life … Continue reading

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Bright, red nail polish

Sometimes, a girl just needs bright, red nail polish. I am finding the world quite taxing these days. It’s hotter than it should be in November, thanks to global warming. I take a deep breath and it feels like I’ve … Continue reading

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Quiet As A Still Pond

A few days ago, I wrote about How To Calm Down when we feel agitated. It’s a tough task, to say the least. At the moment of aggravation, giving in to the hot flush of self-righteous indignation is so tempting. And … Continue reading

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What is normal in 2018?

“It’s cold!” I said to the hotel doorman. “Yes, it is,” he replied, in amiable agreement. “Is this normal?” He scoffed slightly, not unkindly, and said, “what is normal in 2018?” He gave me a knowing look, and we were … Continue reading

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How to survive chaos

The world is seething these days, tumbling in all directions in a hot, angry spill. I wonder how to cope some days. I scroll over a few news nuggets and am sickened in my stomach. And then I chance upon … Continue reading

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