How to survive chaos

The world is seething these days,
tumbling in all directions
in a hot, angry spill.

I wonder how to cope some days. I scroll over a few news nuggets and am sickened in my stomach.

And then I chance upon the equivalents of a deep, cleansing breath. A dog that wags his tail as our eyes meet. He shuffles up to me for an unabashed rub. Carnations, pink, white and red, which sit contentedly in a long bucket on the side of the road, keeping the flower-seller company. The diary of a girl called Anne Frank.

It is not all evil. There is good. I repeat this to myself as I remember Maya Angelou’s words. Still I rise.

About Archana

I'm Indian and Canadian, and many other countries in between. I read comics every morning and believe the world could do with slowing down.
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