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Teacher’s Day

According to my calendar, today is Teacher’s Day. I don’t think it’s the same as Hindus’ Guru Poornima, which is a day set aside to revere our teachers. Nevertheless, it’s still a day I like. There is something nice about … Continue reading

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The social nature of behaviour change

Is behaviour change individual or social? A lot of stuff I hear about forming new habits is solo stuff: making your resolution, writing it down, creating a routine, monitoring the progress, realising success. It’s all just you. If it’s about … Continue reading

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A thousand tiny choices

Grit. The best four-letter word. Grit is mental toughness, it is what makes success. It’s not talent – not your naturally endowed intelligence nor or an innate physical strength – that decides if you will rise to the top. Instead, … Continue reading

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Fresh starts

Fresh starts. We all seek them, especially around new year’s. It’s now July, and some of us, steeling our nerves, will be revisiting those new year’s resolutions we made so fervently and passionately on 1 January. So how’re we doing … Continue reading

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In praise of procrastination

Sometimes, you have to sink in order to rise. There must be some physics law to this effect. It certainly is the case in life. You hear about it quite a bit – rising from the ashes, soaring stars after … Continue reading

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