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This morning, I saw two crows sit in companionable silence on the mango tree across the yard. If you know anything about crows, you’ll immediately wonder what I’m talking about. Crows, as a rule, don’t seem to know about silence. … Continue reading

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Journey to an ancestral home, part 2

Mornings were magical in Mudgal. It’s true, the sun rises everywhere and we all see the wonder of daybreak from wherever we are. But, in Mudgal, dawn was special. I threw the rough, fibrous blanket off me, rubbing my cheeks … Continue reading

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Morning rhythms

Waking up is more than the physical act of opening one’s eyes. That gets done in an instant. However, for a couple of hours after that, I’m still waking up. There’s research that shows we actually take around three hours … Continue reading

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Arriving in Aurangabad

In the crisp dawn of Sunday, 17 November, I arrived in Aurangabad. My designated new hometown, it is a small, dusty town about 400-odd kilometers from Mumbai. I stepped off the bus, and looked around me. The town was still … Continue reading

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Sunday morning

It is not yet nine o’clock on a Sunday morning, so the little bird keeps singing. It is a complicated crowd of sounds, but the birdie belts it out effortlessly, every few seconds. Like a herald entrusted with the most … Continue reading

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