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Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize for Economics 2017! (and why you should care)

Why do you eat junk food even though you know it’s bad for you? Why don’t you save money even though it will set you up for a great retirement? Why do you buy the more expensive wine even though … Continue reading

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Want to be cool? Use a toilet, says the Government of India

Remember when you wanted to be a part of the cool kids’ group in school? Everyone wanted to be with the cool kids, and if you were one or associated with one, you were accepted. Not just accepted, you were … Continue reading

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I’m easily manipulated

This weekend, I learned something about myself as a shopper. I’m quite dumb, it turns out. It seems I am perfectly okay to pay for an overpriced lip balm when the manufacturers declare, in just one line, that they will … Continue reading

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