In praise of procrastination

Sometimes, you have to sink in order to rise.

There must be some physics law to this effect. It certainly is the case in life. You hear about it quite a bit – rising from the ashes, soaring stars after colossal failures, millionaires who were homeless.

It’s true in the less extreme too. In fact, I’m beginning to believe that setbacks are a necessary part of the steady ascent to success.

I’m talking about my procrastination.

It is a long weekend this weekend, and, since I typically take such “mini-holidays” to catch up on life instead of vacation jaunts that pack in stimuli on steroids that leave me exhausted, I expected to have a steady hum of activity throughout the three days.

Instead, I spent the whole of Sunday reading. On my couch, in my pajamas. Not a word uttered until well into the afternoon. Nothing accomplished except making a cup of ginger tea, only to accompany the act of reading. Writing a new blogpost, settling bills, making plans for the week were all thrown out, quite easily (to my chagrin). I read and read and read. Nothing to show for my day except a page crease several hundred pages further into the book.

I didn’t feel regretful as I settled in to sleep. I did feel like I got something out of my system.

Today, I’ve worked out, made breakfast, settled some outstanding banal household tasks, and about to post a new piece in my blog. Super-productive. Especially compared to yesterday. Because of yesterday.

Getting something done, I’m convinced, requires not getting anything done at periodic intervals. It creates urgency, maybe. It gives a break from the steady march, which, let’s face it, gets monotonous and tedious no matter how excited one is about the overall project. And we need excitement, even in the humdrum.

So, no guilt. In fact, I say, embrace the lapses, the erratic disruptions. Plan them. One step back for two steps forward. And so much more interesting as a journey.

On my day of lapse, I learned about how baboons in Kenya become alpha males in their troop. It’ll be a great party topic.


About Archana

I'm Indian and Canadian, and many other countries in between. I read comics every morning and believe the world could do with slowing down.
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