Searching for my blogpost

I’ve been having trouble with writing these last few days. The inspiration to write is intact, but the question of what to write has been a bit of a, well, question mark.

And so, I’ve set out in search of a suitable topic in the vast land of the Internet. What better place to do so? I can learn about virtually anything I want. I can start in one place, and bounce around all over my mind, following it wherever it wants to go.

Oh sure, I give my rambling some guise of respectability – I go to highbrow sites like the New Yorker, Economist, and New York Times as well as the ones where everyone goes, like Huffington Post. They make me feel productive and purposeful. Even when I’m checking out how Katie Holmes looks in her hot pink bikini. (Before you judge me, let me just remind you that one never knows when and from where inspiration might hit. I’d like to keep myself open for that, you know. And yes, she looks amazing.)

In these wanderings, I have let myself discover the 5 things I didn’t know about quinoa (even though I don’t really eat it). And marvel at the tv shows that foretold what would happen in reality in 2013 (West Wing and the government shutdown). And how Yo-Yo Honey Singh is crossing cultural boundaries with his brand of Punjabi rap.

I have also read about why youth today are experiencing an anxiety that was also experienced by those in the 19th century, how women face difficulties getting back into the professional arena after the mommy break, and why I should feel hopeful with the upstart Aam Aadmi Party that has gone from nowhere to heading the Delhi government in one year. I have heard the opinions of many folks on why new year’s resolutions don’t stick.

Hmm. Maybe I’ve found something to write about. Why don’t new year resolutions stick,come to think of it? Why do we make them, year after year, even after many years of proven failure to see them through? What are we missing, despite fervent promises to ourselves?

Excuse me now, I need to collect my thoughts. I’ve found myself a blog post waiting to be written.


About Archana

I'm Indian and Canadian, and many other countries in between. I read comics every morning and believe the world could do with slowing down.
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