Watch out for the fierce lady

I looked out the window, and that’s when I saw her.

Decked in a sleeveless floral-printed salwar kameez, her dupatta tied purposefully around her waist, she strode. She didn’t just walk, she strode, and fiercely at that. Taking long steps, her feet fell on the concrete pavement with force, one foot barely hitting the ground before it propelled the other one forward. The salwar billowed around her legs angrily, filling out with wind to look four times the size of her legs. Arms pumping hard to keep up the momentum, she kept her gaze fixed in front and blank, like a soldier walking into enemy territory. Her hair was tied back in a no-nonsense bun, and I could see the sweat trickling down the side of her face.

Where was she going? Was there trouble? She had the expression of someone who was going to make someone else pay, so there must’ve been something to fix somewhere. I frowned. What could it be? Should I pop down and offer help? One didn’t normally see this kind of thing, but it looked like a situation.

Disturbed, I looked back at her. She was still going, and now she looked like she was about to round the corner. Sure footed, she started veering to the right. Uh oh, I thought, someone’s going to get it now. I just hope they’re prepared. I just hope she doesn’t do something she’ll regret. Maybe I should get help.

What could I do? Maybe I’ll ring the neighbour’s doorbell, and take her with me. The power of numbers could help diffuse the situation, maybe. I definitely needed help, I could not restrain this lady on my own, if it came to that. The security guards would be a good support to get. Yes, I’d run down to the gate, collect them, and we all would follow down the path she went. I ran to my room, put on some shoes and took a quick glance out the window as I headed to the door. I froze.

She had reappeared. She was still striding as forcefully, but now she stopped. Unclenching her right fist, she let drop something that looked like house keys. Looking left and right, she started flailing her arms.

It took me a few seconds to realize…she was stretching her arms. I burst out laughing. What I had witnessed was a woman on her exercise mission, doing her morning walk routine, albeit with a ferocity i hadn’t seen before. She did have an enemy, just of a different kind.


About Archana

I'm Indian and Canadian, and many other countries in between. I read comics every morning and believe the world could do with slowing down.
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